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The Hypnobirthing App is designed for pregnant Mums to help prepare you for your baby’s birth. With the help of Hypnobirthing techniques the birth of your baby can be a more comfortable, calm and natural experience and one where you are in control.

This app includes an introduction to hypnobirthing techniques including:
· Hypnobirthing relaxation and positive affirmations audio
· Daily Affirmations – feel positive and confident every day of your pregnancy with our text alerts (optional)
· Birthing Quiz – a light-hearted quiz that can be shared on your social networks
· Hypnobirthing Stories – read some real life and truly fascinating birth stories
· What is Hypnobirthing – learn more about this powerful method and how it can empower you to a more comfortable and calm birthing experience.

'I LOVE Katharine's relaxation audio, we've both been sleeping so well since we got it'. Jane

Created by Katharine Graves (FHbA, Dip Adv Hyp N-SHAP, MHA, MCRAH) leading hypnobirthing therapist within the UK and internationally. Katharine has a unique breadth of experience in this field having trained with key practitioners of Hypnobirthing including Michelle LeClaire and Marie Mongan. Katharine has a rare depth of understanding of childbirth having trained as a doula with Michel Odent, the leading obstetrician who started water births. Coupled with years of practising complementary medicine, Katharine has created a unique subject area based on the sound fundamentals of Hypnobirthing. Katharine is the mother of four children and has six grandchildren. She also has an ever growing ‘family’ of hypnobirthing babies.

Please note this app is designed as an introduction to hypnobirthing and does not replace a full course.
Published: 2012-01-27
File Size: 52.83 MB
Price: USD 4.99
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